The Bakolo Music International celebrate 70th anniversary of their first record

In Leopoldville, 1948, singer Antoine “Wendo” Kolosoyi formed a group he called Victoria Kin. The group recorded numerous 78 r.p.m. discs for the famous Ngoma Label Records, one of the first studios in Kinshasa.

©Jean Depara

70 years after, the group makes its come back with:

  • A European tour starting the 12th of May 2018 in Langonet, French Britain
  • The release of a full album in November
  • A brand new Bakolo documentary film, directed by Tom Vantorre, will be released in December


BMI underwent several name changes over the years, later known as Victoria Bakolo Miziki, and then Bakolo Miziki International under President Mobotu. In 1999, they returned to the stage with Wendo Kolosoy, who had since been rediscovered by Christian Mousset, and performed several world tours until his death in 2008. The group continued on in his memory and composed new songs.

Two films about the lives of Wendo Kolosoy and Bakolo Music International were produced in 1993 (Tango Ya Ba Wendo, Mirko Popovitch & Kwami Mambu Zinga) and 2007 (On the Rumba River – Wendo, Jacques Sarasin), and a third film is set for release in 2018 as the final chapter of the trilogy.

In 2016, the group recorded a single “Ngange” (meaning ‘sorcerer’ in Teke Language) and the band will release a full album in early 2018.

Bakolo Music International showcases the original roots rumba atmosphere and sounds found in Kinshasa in the 50s. Their music describes the adventures of a group of old friends who are still playing and composing old rumba melodies together, after having lived through hard and good times.


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